Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen (9 Month Supply)


Save 20% when you buy 9 bottles of Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen. That’s $59.99 per bottle. Each bottle contains 13.75 oz which is a 30 day supply.



A clean, supercharged blend that contains Fortigel®, Fortibone® and Verisol® — 100% collagen powder with no added fillers, binders, chemicals or preservatives.

Works in synergy with your body to boost your natural collagen reserves. Powerfully supports glowing skin, thick luscious hair, strong bones and joints.

  • Unflavored. Add effortlessly to hot and cold beverages, bake, or blend in smoothies for a vitamin kick.
  • Stimulates skin metabolism. Promotes firmer, smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, faster nail growth and reduction in cellulite.
  • Supports the synthesis of bone collagen, and amplifies bone health.
  • Promotes the growth of cartilage tissue — for the regeneration of joint cartilage.

How To Use

Mix 1-level scoop in any food or drink of your choice. Read Jaime’s favorite suggestions to take her collagen here.

1 tub = 30 servings

  • Do not exceed recommended daily intake.
  • No added gluten, egg, dairy, lactose, soy, or nuts.
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.


Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen is a clean, natural product that harnesses the power of 3 collagen peptides — with no added ingredients.

Here’s what you get:

Verisol® — stimulates skin metabolism. Promoting firmer, smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, faster nail growth and reduction in cellulite.

Fortibone® — stimulates the synthesis of bone collagen matrix and amplifies bone health.

Fortigel® — promotes the growth of cartilage tissue, for the regeneration of joint cartilage.

Know this: you will not find any synthetics in Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen.

Nature certainly doesn’t need an artificial hand to work her magic! Just 3 incredible proteins that are ready to naturally boost your collagen reserves…

And give you:

  • Hair so thick and luscious, you’ll style it any way you want
  • Beautiful skin that simply glows from within
  • Freedom from debilitating joint pain

And with it the confidence to show up, LIVE your life… and build lasting, meaningful memories with your loved ones.

Not suitable for vegetarians.

Real Client Results

Before and After

IN JUST 6 WEEKS: Barbara from South Carolina shows us dramatic hair regrowth with Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen

‘I bought Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen specifically for my joint pain because after a full hysterectomy, osteoarthritis is a serious concern for me — HRT isn’t enough. When traveling, if I’ve forgotten it, I can completely tell the difference when I’m actively supplementing this collagen everyday!

‘It’s essential for me to wear a combat hat everyday, but this meant I started to lose my hair. Now, I’m loving all the new growth! I highly recommend this. I put it in my coffee every morning and can’t even taste it.’

 – Barbara, South Carolina

So Girls, Want Your Hubby To Have Thicker Hair…

Before and After

Pictures don’t lie… this collagen WORKS

Not only did my amazing client, Jim, have impressive hair growth after using Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen, but he is also free from joint pain. Jim is a triathlete (which can do some major wear and tear on the body) and after using Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen his joint pain has disappeared!

Here’s What My Clients Say…

30 Day Money Back Gurantee

Honey, this sh*t WORKS. And I’m so confident you’re gonna love it, I offer a no-quibble, 30-day money back guarantee.

Additional information

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 7 cm

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