Story of Pat

I have been Jaime’s friend (self-adopted sister) for 20 years. Jaime is such a hard worker, loving, caring and generous person. She is always in the know of the most cutting-edge and advanced products for health and beauty. It’s no surprise she developed her own Collagen powder. I bought a tub and I took it (when I remembered).

Since last Halloween I have been having this abnormal shooting pain from my back all the way down my right arm. I hoped it would go away and it didn’t. I told myself if I still have it by Thanksgiving I’m going to have it checked out. By New Years, I was getting an MRI done and they found I had bulging discs and the discs were pressing on my nerves and causing the tingling and numbness. I was at Costco and I saw a container of collagen they were selling. I asked Jaime what the difference was from hers and she said that many collagen brands use fillers and additives but very little collagen in their formulas. The additives can oftentimes prevent the body from even absorbing and using the collagen present.

She wanted a collagen that was free from additives and fillers and from an all natural source. After that conversation, I took Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen every single day. I didn’t miss a day. Meanwhile, the doctor told me to see a physical therapist. After the first day of therapy, the therapist said I look fine and gave me an adjustment on my neck. On my drive home, I miraculously felt 90% better and I realized that it wasn’t the one adjustment that made a difference, the only change in my diet, exercise and routine was the addition of Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen every day. In fact, I had actually not felt any pain in my arm and shoulder for a few weeks.

I used to take 800 mg of ibuprofen a day. Now I take one 200 mg a day (maybe) if I know it’s going to be a long day. I think I will not have to take it at all though. I feel energetic and optimistic. As usual, I have Jaime to thank and her tireless work to search for newer and better things for her and everyone she loves. She imagines the world can do better and that starts with using better products to supplement with.