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Why Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen?

A healthy lifestyle empowers you to live a life you love. Collagen hydrolysate benefits support your skin, joints, hair, nails, and digestion. Collagen peptides fit right into your health journey.

Collagen is part of what makes you, you.

There’s a lot of buzz around collagen—but what is it really? The most plentiful protein in the body, collagen is a major component of your skin and makes up 70% of your connective tissues, like those in your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs. In other words, it helps all your parts, inside and out, keep doing what they do best.


Joint Health

  • Regeneration of joint cartilage: Collagenous protein makes up nearly 70% of cartilage mass. Optimized specific collagen peptides of Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen have been proven to activate the growth of new cartilage by stimulating cells helping to ease joint discomfort and make the joints smooth and mobile. By keeping people physically active and mobile, Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen can improve quality of life.
  • Promotes growth of cartilage tissue: The effectiveness of Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen has been scientifically proven in numerous studies. According to published research, orally administered Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen is absorbed intestinally and accumulates in cartilage. The ingestion of Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen stimulates a statistically significant increase of cartilage tissue metabolism.

Bone Health

  • Collagen in the bones is essential for bone flexibility and elasticity: It is important to keep the skeletal system healthy. Osteoporosis (OP) is a condition characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, which leads to enhanced bone fragility and a consequent increase in fracture risk. Osteopenia, the early stage of osteoporosis is where bone mass progressively declines.
  • Stimulates synthesis of bone cells: Collagen peptides have a ‘signaling effect’ to counterbalance the collagen degradation in the extracellular bone matrix, which is the essential framework for bone mineralization. Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen influences degenerative processes in bones by reducing osteoclast activity. The result is a considerably higher synthesis of collagenous bone matrix.

Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen BEAUTY BENEFITS

Healthier Skin

  • Skin elasticity and hydration: Collagen peptides can help promote both by supporting your body’s natural production of collagen proteins and amino acids. After all, you deserve to look fresh-faced at any age.
  • Significant improvement of skin health: Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen consists of special collagen peptides – important components for supporting healthy skin. Administered orally, Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen influences the skin’s collagen metabolism directly from the inside. It increases the skin moisture and delays the formation of wrinkles.

Decrease of Cellulite

  • About 85% of the global female adult population is affected by cellulite: Cellulite is a beauty aspect, not a disease, but many women suffer from this beauty flaw. Cellulite is mainly caused by dermal matrix disturbances, in combination with excess of subcutaneous fat, bulging into the dermis as well as excess of intersistal fluid.
  • Beneficial effects on the dermal extracellular matrix of the skin and can help to decrease cellulite: Contrary to current cellulite supplements that mainly address the aspects of excessive fat or microcirculation/drainage, Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen directly stimulates the extracellular matrix formation in skin.

Fuller Hair

  • Bioactive collagen peptides have been found to improve hair structure by significantly increasing thickness and the proliferation of human hair follicle cells.
  • Tests showed a statistically significant increase of 31 percent in the proliferation rates of human hair follicle cells after exposure to collagen peptides for four hours, compared with the untreated control cells. This suggests a positive effect of collagen on hair metabolism, building on previous data showing bioactive collagen peptides to increase mitochondrial activity of hair follicle cells.

Stronger Nails

  • For many women, well-groomed fingernails are an inseparable part of an attractive appearance. But many women suffer from cracked or chipped nails as well as nail peeling and nail roughness. Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen can help to improve growth and health of fingernails.

Many things improve with age. Collagen production isn’t one of them.

Your body’s ability to make collagen starts to decrease around age 25, and keeps decreasing due to aging and other factors like too much sun or lack of sleep. But adding collagen peptides to your diet can help give your internal production line a boost. Here’s how:

  • Easy absorption: Collagen peptides have been broken down into small chain amino acids, which makes them easy for your digestive system to absorb.
  • Key amino acids: Collagen peptides contain high amounts of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which your body requires to make collagen and other proteins
  • Simple to use: Unflavored collagen peptides blend easily into your favorite food or beverage, or you can use a flavored variety to make a delicious drink.

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