From ATV Accident to Remarkable Recovery

How Collagen Helped Transform a Battle Scar into a Story of Resilience

**WARNING**  The following content contains graphic images that may be disturbing or sensitive to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised. If you are easily affected by such material, we strongly recommend refraining from proceeding further. 

In a heart-stopping incident involving an ATV accident, Barbara finds herself facing a life-altering injury—a deep gash on her forehead. However, thanks to the swift actions of friends and family, help arrives just in time. Barbara turned to Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen to support her healing process since she already knew it worked on helping reduce her joint pain. As the story unfolds, we witness a remarkable transformation, as Barbara’s scar (or lack there of as you will see from the images) showcases the bodies amazing power to rejuvenate on its own with the right support. Read more about Barbara’s journey below as we explore the incredible healing powers of collagen and the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to be defined by status quo. 

Barbara (image to the left) is seen here after her entire 10 week recovery from the initial day of the incident. As you can see for yourself, there is little to no scarring at all. As time continues, her body will continue to heal and rebuild. What little is visible now will continue to diminish. 

Story of Barbara

As my sister-in-law Jorie cleared the hill and began our descent in the ATV I could feel the wheels lifting off the ground. After many rollover training exercises with the Army, I knew exactly what was happening and braced for impact. We rolled into a brick fire pit and were pretty sure that I either did a face plant straight into the bricks or one flew up and hit me in the face. Once the tumbling stopped Jorie (an ENT) asked if everyone was alright. I replied I’m fine, I just have a bloody nose. She broke herself free and turned around to look at me and gasped. That’s not a bloody nose, you have a very large gash on your forehead. So I called Mike (a volunteer firefighter) “can you pull me out?” The blood loss was fast because it was a head injury, I said “I’ll keep telling you I’m conscious and how I feel until the paramedics arrive.” I couldn’t have rolled over with a better group of people. Jorie and Mike had found something clean and dry to wrap my head up with and then made all the necessary calls needed to get the help we needed. While we were waiting for the helicopter Jorie felt incredibly bad and kept saying “I destroyed your pretty face.” Before getting too dizzy I remember saying “it’s alright accidents happen, I’m just glad I’m the only one injured. I’ll recover from this in no time.”

The next day on the ride home you could still see the remorse on poor Jorie’s face. I reassured her again that everything will be fine. Plastic surgery has come a long way over the last few decades and I happen to have a good friend that produces her own collagen. I’ll message her now and have her send me a new container. So I instantly sent Jaime a picture of my face after they got done stitching it up and asked her if she could overnight me some collagen. Needless to say she was on it and I had the staple ingredient to a speedy and successful recovery.

I have been using Jaime Nicole Collagen since her initial release because she knew I suffered horribly from joint pain from combat injuries during my time in the service. I was honored to try out her formula and give her an honest review. It wasn’t even a full 2 weeks that I started to notice a massive difference in my neck and back pain. Initially I was only focused on the pain relief, it took me a few more weeks to realize that my nails were thicker, my skin was healthier and my already thick hair was seeing new growth and way less hair loss during shampooing and brush outs. So I was confident that this collagen was going to be the key to my recovery from this accident.

Seven days after the accident I had the stitches pulled out during my appointment with ENT. Apparently I had broken my nose in a perfect straight line on the bridge of my nose. Thankfully I didn’t need any rhinoplasty or surgery to fix my nose, it was already successfully healing on its own. The doctor was fairly surprised that my scar was only 7 days old and had so much new skin growth. I said with a giant smile “it’s the collagen, I swear by this stuff!” A month after the accident the VA was finally able to grant my referral to a plastic surgeon and he was quite funny with his initial consultation. He was like ” that’s a battle scar men die to obtain, hahaha.” I too was really happy with how it healed and was going to ignore the plastic surgery and live comfortably with my badass scar. However, he confirmed what I was afraid of, there was a lot of debris that the ER failed to clean out and it had healed under the skin. 6 weeks after the accident my recovery journey started all over again, the only thing I did differently was double up on the collagen. I had a scoop with my morning smoothie and a scoop with my evening tea. Let me tell you, by the 8th day it looked like someone took an eraser to my head and made the scar disappear!

By the second week Jorie and I had sat our happy butts back inside the Polaris Razor and took it for a very slow test drive around the block to look and listen for any problems. We got around to talking about my face again, and for the first time I could tell that she was tremendously relieved to see that after a full recovery it was going to be incredibly difficult to tell that I have a very large scar on my forehead that runs from my scalp to the top of my nose.

At 40 years old, I enjoy every time someone compliments me on how young I look. Even more so, I have been enjoying this holiday season hanging out with friends and family across the states as I travel around in my campervan. I love that hardly anyone can even see the scar and that it takes them a really long time to remember that I was in an accident this summer. I am thankful to Jaime for developing such an amazing supplement. I look forward to using it for many years to come.