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Hey there! I’m Jaime


And your biggest advocate in helping you glow
from the inside out with the miracle of collagen.

About Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen

A hairstylist for 27 years, my longest clients tell me I easily look ten years younger. (And that’s with makeup on.)

They’d never guess that for years I’d been struggling with tennis elbow that comes from wielding a hairdryer the way a cowboy wields his colt 45.

Or that since hitting 40, my knees’d crunch when I ran upstairs. Nails tear and break.

I don’t like to think of the money I wasted on all those lotions and potions…

Because Honey, I’ve been there. I know how important beauty is to you.

But, all that was before collagen blew my world wide open…

Yep, that sticky protein that holds our body together — across hair, nails, cartilage and skin. (Fact: ‘collagen’ actually comes from the Greek word ‘kólla’ meaning ‘glue.’ Cool, huh?)

Hmmm. What’s not so cool is that since pretty much 25, your body’s slowly been leaking it. Leaving you tired, wrinkled and, in our later years girls, prone to osteoporosis.

But if we can harness collagen’s power. Replenish it… Well, then we’ve changed the game.

And, unlike the friend who says, ‘oh. You got a haircut…’

I’m passionate about making you look and feel as alive, luminous and YOU as it’s possible to feel.

That’s why I’ve built my brand around one simple principle: to bring you the purest possible collagen. No fillers, binders or chemicals. That’s it.

Because nature doesn’t need synthetics to work her magic…

And honey, there can never be enough you.

Alrighty! Here Are 8 Sneak Peeks Into How I Got Here…

About Jaime Nicole

About Jaime Nicole

Jaime Nicole is a beauty consultant, a licensed cosmetologist and owner of the award-winning Jaime Nicole Salon. In her three-decade career as a hair and makeup expert, she has built a six-figure business, glamorized thousands of clients and honed her expertise with additional training from Vidal Sassoon, Aveda, Great Lengths USA, Eufora International and more. When she’s not working in her San Diego salon, you can find her training and coaching the next generation of stylists who seek her out for mentorship.

In an effort to help her clients look and feel good on the inside and out, she recently launched her Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen. After struggling with joint pain in her hands and hearing her customers’ desire to grow stronger hair and nails, she developed the pure and scientifically-proven formula along with industry experts.

Jaime Nicole lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, two children, and two English Bulldogs.

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